"13 HERBS" Spell & Bath Herbal Blend -Blessing, Luck, Wishes

"13 HERBS" Spell & Bath Herbal Blend -Blessing, Luck, Wishes


“13 Herbs Bath” is an old time Hoodoo cleansing blend designed to both draw in abundance and prosperity and at the same time, dispel negativity and crossed conditions.  13 Herbs Bath is the perfect remedy for those of you who may be struggling with a bit of bad luck!

Our 13 Herbs Bath contain the perfect blend of herbs that are known for their ability to draw in an array of positive things into your life. Every ingredient in our 13 Herbs Bath has a long history of being associated to blessings, healing, luck, the manifestation of wishes and prosperity.  


Excellent herbal mixture can be used for Sachets, Charm Bags, Ritual Bath, or can be burned.


What you will get:

Herbal Bath Blend contains herbs for 3-4 baths and comes in a 4.0" x 4.0"  bag with approximately 1.0 oz of product.  In each bag is more than enough for multiple uses. Each of the components of Herbal Blend is 100% natural and contains no fillers.


This is a handmade SPIRITUAL PRODUCT. While the ingredients of this Bath Blends are all natural, organically grown or wild crafted, ethically sourced, and rich in skin conditioning properties, this is not a mass-produced commercial bath or beauty product. This is a BATH RITUAL. Aside from washing away the petty matters of the outside world, it is suggested that while bathing, you meditate on the desired goals and effects of the ritual you are about to undertake. Visualize the end results already being obtained. Usually, one to two spoons of bath formula are used per tub of hot water or big bowl. 

  • How to Use

    There are a number of ways our 13 Herbs Bath can be used. Wash your hands with some before you handle important papers or documents, Dissolve some down in a bucket of water and use them to cleanse the home. Place some in the four corners of your home or simply leave them by your front door. You can even sprinkle some outside your house as a means to draw in good fortune and protect yourself from negativity

    Use can try them in a long and luxurious bath soak as a means to help wash away obstacles to bring in good fortune. You can also perform a bath ritual: Get two gold or yellow candles and place them at each end of the bath. Then mix 2-3 tablespoons of herbs into a warm bucket of water.  Light both candles and enter the bath. Next, take your bucket of water and start to pour the mixture over your feet, working upwards until you get to the top of your body. While you are doing this, you can visualize what you wish to manifest in your life. You may also recite your own prayer or read Psalm 23. When finished, discard the water at a crossroads.

  • Please Note:

     For External Use Only. Please do not ingest as a tea.

    If you are pregnant or nursing please consult a healthcare professional. If rash or irritation occurs discontinue use.

    The Product(s) in this listing is (are) for religious or curios purposes only.

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