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AMUN  Egyptian Amulet for Self-Confidence Pendant

AMUN Egyptian Amulet for Self-Confidence Pendant


AMUN God of Creation. Egyptian amulet for self-confidence, resolute and excellent leadership. Also very good for Taurus people - APRIL 26 - MAY 25.

Amun was identified as the most powerful deity in the universe he acquired epithets which described his various aspects as best they could. Wilkinson writes how "the Egyptians themselves called him Amun asha renu or 'Amun rich in names,' and the god can only be fully understood in terms of the many aspects which were combined in him" (92).

He was known as "The Concealed God" - he whose nature could not be known and associated with air or the wind which can be felt but not seen or touched. He was also the Creator God who originally stood on the first dry ground at the beginning of time and created the world by mating with himself. Once he was linked with Ra to become Amun-Ra, he took on Ra's aspects as a solar god and, as one would expect from a creator, was also a fertility god linked with the fertility deity Min (a very ancient god) and known in this regard as Amun-Min. As he had absorbed the attributes of the war god Montu of Thebes, he was regularly invoked in battle (as Ahmose I had done) and so was also a war god.

His mysterious nature infused and gave form to all that human beings could see and all that remained hidden from sight and so he was also a universal god, the most powerful in the universe and, naturally, the King of the Gods.

People born under this zodiac sign are strong willed, confident, good leaders and resolute. They thrive in finance position.

Eco Consciously Crafted in the USA.
Material: Lead free Pewter
Size: L 45mm x W 15mm
Black cord 18"L

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