Asafetida is powerful for protection, purification and enlightenment. It is used to banish negativity, evil spirits and demons.  Used primarily in protection spells, this powerful liquid burned as incense on top of charcoal for protection from evil and to banish negative spirits from your home. Asafetida also assist in making someone who is bothering you leave you alone.

Wt.1.0 fl.oz.

  • How to Use

    One of the strongest - and most pungent - banishing herbs, Asafetida is used in exorcism and purification rituals to deflect hostile magic. This defensive herb can be worn as an amulet to avert the evil eye. Sprinkle red mojo bag to keep the law away. Dress a Black Cat candle  with Asafetida Liquid Sprinkle Asafetida Liquid on the candle and light the candle to get someone out of your life for good.

  • Please Note:

    Bottle Size: 1.0 fl.oz.

    Please Note: Bottle Shape and Label Color May Vary According To Availability . Due to the natural ingredients of Freya’s House oil, the color will vary.



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