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MIRACLE Ritual Herbal Bath Salt

MIRACLE Ritual Herbal Bath Salt


MIRACLE – When you need a little help from a Higher Power to bring about much-needed change or progress. Each packet of our bath salts is created using the herbs and oils for the particular condition you want to address. Some people take a submerged bath and dispose of the bathwater in a ritual, while others prefer to treat the salt as cleansing to prepare them for a more extraordinary ritual. Each packet contains enough for two baths. Pour half of the packet into running bath water and allow it to dissolve.

It may also be dissolved to form a wash used around the house for cleaning or other purposes.

Only pure essential oils, herbs, roots, and flowers are used 


These hand-blended intention-based baths are created with organic bath-quality sea salt, essential & fragrance oils, and herbs. Use it as a tool to help manifest your intention. Use this as part of more extensive spell work or on its own. 

You will get: Comes in a 3.25" x 5.25" sealed bag with approximately 3.0 oz. of product and Instructions on How to Take a Spiritual Bath. Use for two baths.  

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