Bat's Heart Amulet for Good Luck

Bat's Heart Amulet for Good Luck


Powerful Charm Bat's Heart Amulet traditionally used to attract good luck and luck for games of chance.

Usually is placed in Gris Gris Bag, or Mojo Bag, or worn on person as a talisman.



How to make a lucky conjure bag using “bat heart”:

In the hoodoo tradition a bat heart, considered lucky for gambling, especially when wrapped in red flannel or red silk and tied to the upper arm, or carried in a mojo in the arm-pit. Place a bat heart in a red conjure bag together with a High John the Conqueror root and a matched pair of lodestones. Sprinkle with Gambling Luck Oil or Crown of Success Oil if possible, and/or magnetic sand periodically for enhanced power. Contains one heart fragment .




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