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Big Money Authentic Loose Incense

Money! When this blending is rendered, gold and silver coins rain into it between worlds to help you manifest your good fortune, with the proper application.  
Mother Earth formula; patchouli, bay, clove & savory!
Uses: Cense your wallet! Your bankbook! Your stock reports! Each time you waft Money incense smoke remember to cast your intentions in visualizations of the many ways your purse is filled; the money you happily part with returns threefold! Cultivate your attitude for abundance. There are no boundaries, no limitations and no fears to cloud your fortunate enterprising!
Our incense begins in a seasoned wooden bowl... we use the finest essential oils, resins, woods, flowers, herbs and roots to in our blends.
Empower your magick and improve all of your rituals and spells of your own workings or use these blends cast upon by Dr. Donna Star as the spell itself.
Each blend has been handcrafted specifically with herbs that lend power to intent of the magick
Wt.1.0 oz.
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