Bliss "Love & Passion" Bath Salt


Love & Passion Bath Salt is a powerful attraction bath. Take this bath before any love-attraction spell that calls for a love or attraction bath.

Wt.4.0 oz.


  • Details

    These ritual bath are hand-crafted and aromatically, therapeutically, and magically charged to strengthen the magick within and around you.

    Ingredients: Medium Grain Sizes Sun Dried Sea Salt, Epsom salt, 8 Herbal extract blend, Herbs and Essential oils
    6 oz/ 171 g jar
  • Bath Spell Ideas:

    LOVE & PASSION Sea Salt Bath Spell Ideas:
    Take a bath with Love & Passion Sea Salt Bath before a date night with your spouse to stoke the fires of passion and have the evening end with a hot sexual romp together. Sprinkle BSM “Red Rose Petals” around your bed, and in a heart shape around red candles dressed with BSM Posion #9 Perfume Oil and burn them on top of a photo of you and your spouse together to stoke the fires of love in your relationship and ignite the passion in a relationship.

  • How to Use

    While filling your tub with water place a handfull of the bath salt underneath the faucet. Be sure to stir the bath salts into the water and circulate them well so the fragrances and magical properties are released into the steam.

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