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BRANNA Lucky  Elephant  Cuff  Bracelet

BRANNA Lucky Elephant Cuff Bracelet

The Elephant considered a STRONG Symbol of LUCK - keep a lucky elephant with you to protect from bad luck and to stimulate good luck for all times. The elephant is probably the MOST POSITIVE Animal Symbol known. 

The elephant attains old age and with it, wisdom. They are highly revered for their strength and power. The twisted wire and elephant patterns on this cuff bracelet accentuate the earthy glow of copper and brass. Bracelet slips on easily and adjusts to fit most wrist sizes comfortably.

A terrific bargain for individuals using copper metal bracelets as a healing tool for preventing illness and soothing arthritic conditions, or for those just looking for a stylish cuff.

Material: copper and brass
Size: 11mm wide,
2-1/2 inch diameter with magnetic ends
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