Buckeyes Nut

Buckeyes Nut


Within spiritual communities buckeyes are best known as an aid in attracting money good luck and the opposite sex. It is a type horse chestnut. The Buckeye Nut is a nut native to North America used for gambling luck and health. These nuts are reminiscent of the shape of a man's testicle and for this reason, buckeye nuts are said to be good for enhancing male virility (much like High John the Conqueror Root).

This package includes one buckeye nut.

  • How to Use

    Buckeye Nut Uses:

    • Restoring and preserving health
    • Gambling luck
    • Enhancing male virility

    Buckeye Nut Spell Ideas:

    Buckeye nuts were traditionally drilled with a hole, filled with liquid mercury then sealed with wax and carried as a gambling luck charm - BUT - liquid mercury is VERY dangerous and threatening to health so we do not recommend doing this. Instead, combine a Buckeye Nut, a Silver Dime and some Five Finger Grass in a red flannel bag and carry this for gambling luck. You can dress it with whiskey or Van Van Oil to keep it strong.