Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flowers


Since antiquity Calendula has been known as an herb that could aid in comforting the heart and mending wounded spirits. Sprinkle the Calendula flowers under your bed to protect against nightmares and to make all of your dreams come true.

  • How to Use

    In traditional Latin-American Witchcraft, Marigolds are used in spells for justice and retribution.  They are often called for in spells to get an innocent person out of jail, and for swaying a courtroom in favour of the innocent.

    In European Witchcraft, it is believed that bathing in Marigold Flowers will help you to be successful in business endeavours. It is also held that the flowers, when placed around the home, will help to remove negativity and ward off evil spirits and hexes, as well as keeping un-wanted guests away.

    Marigold Flowers can be used in binding spells, especially in the binding of vicious gossip.

    Placing the Flowers under a mattress is believed to induce prophetic dreams, and aid in the manifestation of dreams into reality.

    Ruling Planet: The Sun
    Magickal Properties: Justice, Binding, Success, Manifestation, Dream Magick, Honouring the Ancestors,  Protection, Consecration
    Associated Deities: Mictecaihuatl, Mictlancectuli, Helios