Come to Me Herb and Salt Aromatic Bath

Come to Me Herb and Salt Aromatic Bath


Come to Me Herb and Salt Aromatic Bath is used to draw that special someone closer to you, command someone to be with you, visit you frequently and fall in love with you. Bathe with this powerful and sweet smelling Come To Me Herbal Bath Blend to help have total control so he or she desires you only.
3/4 oz (21.2g)

  • Details

    These ritual bath are hand-crafted and aromatically, therapeutically, and magically charged to strengthen the magick within and around you.

    Ingredients: Botanicals, Sea Salt, Organic Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Hebal Blend, Essential oils and Fragrance

  • Spell Ideas:

    Take a bath in Come to Me Herb Bath, capture some of your used bath water and save it. Write a love letter to your intended target, dust the back of the letter with our Best Spells Magick "Come to Me" Powder then use a drop of your captured bath water to moisten the glue on the envelope and seal the letter. Mail it to your lover and when they open it, they'll be affected by your magic. Take Come to Me Herb Baths before meeting your lover to draw and reinforce their attraction to you.