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COME TO ME Manifestation Jar Ritual Kit

COME TO ME Manifestation Jar Ritual Kit


Come to me magickal jar is used when you want to get him or her to contact you, or attract another person to you. This oil can bring in a specific person or someone new.

The wishing hoodoo rootwork bottle spell was assembled and charged with the best intentions and good vibes. It is hand-crafted in old magickal tradition mixture of organic essences, minerals, herbs, and dried flowers and infused with crystals to bring your desires to manifestation. We have carefully crafted your Wishing Bottle with love and intention to provide you with the most incredible energy possible to manifest your magic.


How To Use: Meditate and charge your spell jar with your unique intention or situation. Place it on your altar or where you will see it often.


The kit comes with:

One hand-assembled consecrated and blessed Intention Bottle & cork

 Mini-scroll to write your wish

Scroll with Instructions
Organza Bag 

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