Elleggua Magickal Oil

The Orisha Eleggua is  the Divine Messenger of all the other Orishas. Orisha Eleggua is the keeper of the crossroads. It is through the Orisha Eleggua that all magick begins and ends. Oils associated with the Orisha Eleggua are used for protection and to open the roads of opportunity and success.
Use Elleggua oil for protection. Also helps open doors to all endeavors and when decisions need to be made he provides opportunities and second chances.

Bottle size: 1 dram bottles blended by hand in Freya’s House.
Due to the natural ingredients of Freya’s House oil, the color will vary.
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    Freya's House co. VooDoo magickal oils are an effective way to petition the Orishas for blessings and special requests. Orishas oils can contain a multitude of ingredients that are necessary to bring forth magick.
    Oils of Orishas are used by participants in all of the major initiations, sacred rituals, ceremonies and in magical spells.
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