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FERTILITY Oil Blend Crystal Infused

FERTILITY Oil Blend Crystal Infused


Magickal Oil for Fertility Infused with Rhodocrosite, Red Fire Quartz & Amber.


FERTILITY Crystals Infused Aromatherapy EO Oil Blend 10 ml

  • What it is

     Excellent to assist a woman become pregnant. Also protects against miscarriages. This oil blends using natural Botanical ingredients and Crystals. Fertility Oil Blend Created and Hand-Crafted according to traditional oil recipes by a Certified Aroma Therapist and Natural Health Consultant. "Fertility” Oil is a blend that is perfectly balanced with organic/wild-crafted essential oils and in reached with Rhodocrosite, Red Fire Quartz and Amber energy. This formula made to help balance estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels and prepare your body for pregnancy. Using aromatherapy massage oil topically on a daily basis can benefit your fertility because our bodies take the particles internally to the place where they are most needed. They can affect us emotionally and physically, a great natural treatment!

  • Ingredients Benefits:

    Red Fire Quartz Crystal when it possesses the scarlet ray of influence as this one is a crystal of physical energy, vitality, and protection. It is a healing crystal of the base chakra. Red Fire Quartz Crystal is used as a talismans when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of one's life to a more desirable state.

    Rhodocrosite is beautiful pink stone soothing emotions and the body, de-stressor. Rhodocrosite is also carried by women to increase chance for pregnancy.

    Amber is not a stone but fossil, and belongs to The Great Mother and element Akasha. Amber has mysterious properties to bring healing, strength, protection, luck, love and wishes.

  • Ingredients:

    INGREDIENTS: This premium crystal aromatherapy oil blend is made from rose, geranium nutmeg oil and infused with Amber , Rhodocrosite, and Red Fire Quartz energy.

  • How to Use

    Rub the oil over the whole abdomen, the hips, across the lower back. This oil should be massaged twice daily leading up to ovulation.Please check ingredients before purchasing for any sensitivities. I recommend testing products on the inside of your wrist to prevent any sensitivities/reactions to the essential oils or other ingredients.


     For external use only.

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