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FERTILITY Spell /Goddess Yemaya/ Wishing Water/Manifestation Bottle

FERTILITY Spell /Goddess Yemaya/ Wishing Water/Manifestation Bottle


Goddess Yemaya FERTILITY Holy Wishing Water is used to help boost fertility and manifest pregnancy. So ask help from the divine to become a happy mommy. This pregnancy spell will fulfill your wish of bearing a child and becoming a mother. Write your wish on the white paper. Then, hold the Bottle in your hands, visualize your desire, and sprinkle the paper with Wishing Water.


Wishing Holy Waters presented an ancient and venerable way to work thy magickal Will upon places, things, and persons, psychically and spiritually. 

The wishing hoodoo rootwork bottle spell was made and charged with the best intentions and good vibes. It is hand-crafted in old magickal tradition mixture of organic herbs, and dried flowers and infused with crystals to bring your desires to manifestation. We have carefully crafted your Wishing Bottle with love and intention to provide you with the most incredible energy possible to manifest your magic.

You will Get:

  • Wishing Bottle filled with Holy Water, and herbal mixture with an extensive range of magickal properties
  • Mini Scroll to write your wish
  • Lucky Charm
  • Instructions
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