Get Away Authentic Powder

To discourage unwanted visitors, scatter on the front steps or across the outside of the threshold.
Sprinkle around the outside of the home at midnight for three consecutive nights to get rid of evil forces that may be lurking about. Be sure the entrance ways are sprinkled completely across.

These are the Rituals Powders we use exclusively in our Spells & Rituals, Authentic Voodoo Dolls or Magical Fetishes ~ hand-crafted & hand-blended exclusively for Freya's House by a renowned alchemist & initiated Priest based upon ancient methods, secret formulary and Voodoo family recipes.

Powdered scorpions are used in spells of domination and protection. This powder can be sprinkled over the name of picture of an individual to dominant or to cause them problems.

All of our Voodoo ritual powders are blessed and consecrated to insure success with your spiritual work – are not intended for the curious or the novice at ceremonial magic.
Available in 1.0 oz jars.
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