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God Shu Egyptian Amulet Pendant

God Shu Egyptian Amulet Pendant

Ancient Egyptian amulets represented animals, deities, symbols, or objects in ... In Egyptian mythology, Horus's eye was injured or stolen by the god Seth. Shu was a primordial god personifying the air. He was the father of Nut (sky) and Geb (earth) with his sister and wife, Tefnut (moisture). Shu was considered, as the air, a cooling and calming deity, and as such was associated with peace and order.
God SHU is God of AIR AND WIND. Ruling AQUARIOUS people JAN 26 - FEB 24. Shu is the Egyptian god of the air, sunlight, and wind.People born under this zodiac sign are humorous, highly creative, principled and conscientious. They thrive in agriculture, counseling, and social work.
Eco Consciously Crafted in the USA.
Metal: Lead free Pewter.
Size: L 45mm x W 15mm
Black cord 18"L


Sold as a Curio Only







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