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Gout Milk Strength Bath Salt

Voodoo Spirit Goats Milk bath salt for Strength & Protection! Natural handmade goats milk Voodoo bath salt. The great warrior goddess is represented in our handmade goat’s milk bath salt by powerful 100% pure essential oils of Blood Orange, Haitian Vetiver & Vanilla enhanced blue natural colorants and to capture the essence of the protective goddess. 

Erzulie-Danto is the fiery, fierce protector of women and children, especially those who are abused, in danger or neglected. Most closely associated with the black Madonna or our lady of Lourdes, Erzulie-Danto provides power, strength and protection to those who seek her assistance. As the maternal Lwa, she is very helpful with fertility, keeping the family unit stable and child-rearing – especially to those who are struggling!
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