HOT FOOT Ritual Essence

HOT FOOT Ritual Essence


Hot Foot Essence, To Rid, Banish & Remove Unwanted People. This is mystical / spiritual dressing and/or anointing essence. This essence is used in various spells and ceremonies. Many spiritualists use this essence to strengthen petitions and spells.

  • Foot Essence is an old time Hoodoo recipe designed to remove negative situations and people out of your life. It's ideal for ridding yourself of unwanted neighbors, enemies, abusers, annoying people or any type of person, energy or situation that is negatively influencing your life. It can be used in both as foot track magic as well as in candle divination. The goal is to get rid of negative people without causing excessive harm in the process. Comes in a 1/2 oz bottle.







  • How to Use

    There are many primary ways you can use Hot Foot Essence. Place under the shoes, or in the path of an unwelcome neighbor who will soon become dissatisfied with their abode and will decide to make their home elsewhere. You can lay it down in an area where your intended target will walk through it. Of course, you can also place it on chairs or items that they will come in contact with. As you do it, make sure you walk backwards and state your intention very clearly. Some hoodoo practitioners recommend walking backwards for an odd number of steps. When you are done, turn away and down look back.


    For candle divination, write the name of the person or energy you want to rid yourself of on a black candle. You may also write your intention on a piece of parchment paper and then anoint it with some Hot Foot Essence on all four corners. Fold it away from you and place it under the candle (make sure the candle is in an appropriate candle holder). Light the candle and recite psalm 35. On the last day of your spell, cover your parchment paper with melted wax and make wax token. Sprinkle wax token with poke root, and place inside a small jar with Hot Foot Essence. Throw the jar into moving water.

    Make sure you thoroughly wash hands after handling.​​​​​​​
    Sold as a Curio Only. For external use only.