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House Blessing Authentic Loose Incense

House Blessing incense, to cleanse, clear & bless!
Herbal, clean, & comforting!
Use this to cleanse & clear negative energy in your home, to add the energy of joy, love, healing, and invite many blessing into your life.
Use for home blessing and cleansing anytime it's needed and definitely when you move into your new residence.
Our incense begins in a seasoned wooden bowl... we use the finest essential oils, resins, woods, flowers, herbs and roots to in our blends. Burn on charcoal.
Empower your magick and improve all of your rituals and spells of your own workings or use these blends cast upon by Dr. Donna Star as the spell itself.
Each blend has been handcrafted specifically with herbs that lend power to intent of the magick.
1.0 oz.
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