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JEDA Peace & Pax Ring

JEDA Peace & Pax Ring

"Jeda"Large Art Deco Crystal & Blue Stone Stretch Ring
Large Art Deco Clear Crystal & Blue Acrylic Stone Wide Stretch Ring.
So you want to look great and get noticed? Let us share a secret with you: Contrast is key. Like a flashlight in the dark or a pinch of sea salt in your caramel, the juxtaposition is what makes you pay attention. So when you put on this ring, with its soft blue center stone coming to life inside a frame of vibrant crystals, you know you'll be turning heads. Just a bit of style wisdom, from us to you.
Magickal Use: wear for emotion healing, to dispel fear, gilt, stress and anger. Wear or hold to still the mind, relax the body and calm inner turmoil.
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