JINX REMOVING Organic Spiritual Body and Floor Wash Oil

JINX REMOVING Organic Spiritual Body and Floor Wash Oil


 "Jinx Removing Body Organic Wash Oil" is based on an older conjure recipe that was created to remove negative influences that may be having unwanted effects on your life or the people you care about. Uncrossing Body Wash Oil used to remove crossed conditions, negative energy and curses of any kind. It can even be used to reverse harmful spells that may have been put on you. 

Wt. 1.0 fl.oz.

  • What it is

    JINX REMOVING / Uncrossing Body Wash Oil for Spells, Hexes, Curses, Jinxes, Tricks and Crossed Conditions.If you have malevolent spirits or unwanted energies you want to get rid of, then the Jinx Removing Bath can help certain help you accomplish that. An Jinx Removing Body Wash Oil can take harmful energy and send it right back to the people who have intentions that are not positive in nature. This bathing ritual creates a barrier that is very powerful and it serves as a protective shield. Furthermore, it allegedly has the ability to divert the evil eye or malevolent energies in the world around you.

    For a powerful spell reversal bath, take two small black votive candles and place them at each end of the tub. Take a bucket of warm water and mix in the Jinx Removing Body Wash Oil. Begin pouring over your head working your way down to your feet. Recite Psalm 21 or Psalm 23. Once you complete the ritual, get rid of the black candle by leaving them at a crossroad.

  • Please Note:

     Body Wash Oil is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

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