LOVE MAGNET Bath and Body Wash Organic

LOVE MAGNET Bath and Body Wash Organic


Our  LOVE MAGNET Bath can help you attract passionate love. For those who might be looking for ways to spice your love life up, this is ideal. Whether you have a person in mind already or are looking for someone new to love, the Love Magnet Bath is there to heat things up. It also helps with getting in touch with your sexuality, power and femininity. This organic wash gel contains passion related oils and natural fragrances like neroli, sweet orange, cloves, vanilla and more.

Bottle 1.0 fl.oz.

  • Ingredients

    Panthenol, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Rise Protein, Burdock, Ivy, Fenugreek, Essential Oils Infused with Crystals, and Natural Fragrances. Organic or Wild Crafted 

    No dangerous additives or substances. A crafted blend of 100% pure plant-derived oils. 

    No Parabens          No Mineral Oil           No Sulfates      No Phihalates      No Sinthetic Color       No Gluten               No PABA               No Animal Ingredians         No Propylene Glycol         No DEA ​​​​​​​