AMOR - LOVE Hoodoo Aromatic Herbal Bath


Looking for a new relationship? Want to deepen the bond with your current partner? AMOR - LOVE Aromatic Herbal Bath is the perfect solution for forming new romances or intensifying the intimacy of your current relationship. Derived from conventional conjure/hoodoo recipes, AMOR - LOVE Aromatic Herbal Bath can be adaptable to all kinds of love-attracting spells, divination and rituals. This particular love bath is loaded with love drawing herbs,and it is a powerful magical bath for love that has a more coercive and compelling effect. AMOR - LOVE Aromatic Herbal Bath Herb Bath is a versatile tool for making a specific person fall in love with you just as much as you love them.

Each component is natural and organic, with real herbs, barks, roots, and resins. Each of the components of Spiritual Bath Tea is 100% natural and contains no fillers or salts. In each bag is more than enough for multiple uses.


  • What it is

    AMOR - LOVE Herb Bath Uses:

    Compel a specific person to love yoy.

    Command love into your life

    You can also mix this blend with some warm water and use this as both a door wash and a floor wash. Just remember when performing a spiritual floor wash, to start at the back (and top floor, if you have one) and work your way up to the front door and entrance of your home. It's also important to draw the mop towards as you clean the floors. The concept behind this is the notion that you are drawing love to you, not away from you.

    If you would like to attempt a true love ritual bath. Get two pink candles and place them at each side of the tub (one by the head area, the other by the foot area). Take the LOVE ME NOW! Aromatic Herbal Bath and prepare a wash out of them by mixing them with a bucket of warm water. When you feel ready, light the two pink candles and enter the bath. Take your warm water and begin pouring the water over your feet. Work you way up the entire body towards the top of your head. You may also choose to read Psalm 23 or a verse from the Song of Solomon from the bible. When you are done, air dry. It's also a custom to perform spiritual baths at sunrise.

  • Spell Ideas:

    Take a bath with AMOR - LOVE Aromatic Herbal Bath before going out on a date with someone you has feelings for in order to bewitch them with your scent. They will be compelled to fall in love with you just as much as you love them!  Place AMOR - LOVE Aromatic Herbal Bath in a bowl like a potpourri in your house and invite the target of your affections to have a seat next to it. When they smell it they will be affected by your magic. 

    Use AMOR - LOVE  Aromatic Herbal Bath before doing a coercive hoodoo love spell and it will boost your ability to manipulate and command your target to love you back. 

  • How to Use

    The old tradition in ritual bathing is generally requires to steep the herbs in boiling water, strain the mixture, let the liquid cool, and pour it over the body while standing in a wash tub. New way of preparation ritual bath is to boil a spoon full of this Herbal blend in half a gallon of water, strain the mixture and pour the liquid into your bath tub and mix well. This herbal bath can also be added to your mop water and used in the home as a floor  wash to "bathe your home". Aside from washing away the petty matters of the outside world, it is suggested that while bathing, you meditate on the desired goals and effects of the ritual you are about to undertake. Visualize the end results already being obtained. Usually, one to two tablespoons of bath formula are used per tub of hot water or big bowl. 

    The Product(s) in this listing is (are) for religious or curios purposes only.

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