LOVE OBSESSION” Drawing a Lover of the Same Sex


Lavender “LOVE OBSESSION” Pillow Mist/ Oil Duo Magick As You Sleep 

Dr. Fraya Lavender “Love Obsession” Duo is perfect for drawing a lover of the same sex closer to you, to inspire eternal love and fidelity, to find favor with lesbian, transsexual, gay, or bisexual practitioners, even if you yourself are heterosexual. Versatile and waiting for your creativity to make your love wish come true. You will find “As You Sleep” magick extremely open religious system which can be tailored to personal needs and lifestyles.



Lavender “Love Obsession” Mist as a Body Spray:   After showering, before going to bed apply Lavender “Love Obsession” Mist to pulse points including the inside of wrists, knees and elbows, as well as neck, chest and behind the ears.

Lavender “Love Obsession” Mist as a Pillow Mist: Lightly mist into the air above or onto your pillow and sheets, and away from face.

Lavender “Love Obsession” Oil is anointing magickal oil for magick ‘As You Sleep”. Also you can use “Love Obsession” Oil as a perfume and “As You Sleep” bath ritual, or in love spell-casting when used in a ritual with your lover to inspire eternal love and fidelity. When used as a perfume it will work generally to attract someone. If you have one particular person in mind, be sure to be specific. Add a few drops of Lavender “Love Obsession” Oil to your bath for relaxation. Use in your diffuser for a calming and peaceful environment. Do you want more aromas in your heavy cream, lotion, body oil or pillow mist? Just add an additional drop or two into the bottle and customize the aroma to your liking!


You will Get:
1/2 fl.oz. Lavender “Love Obsession” Mist
2 fl.oz. Lavender “Love Obsession” Oil
 Magick “As You Sleep” Lavender “Love Obsession” Ritual Instructions 


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