LUCKY GAMBLER Triple Strength Oil

LUCKY GAMBLER Triple Strength Oil

"Lucky Gambler" Triple Strength Magickal Oil
To add power to increase your chances of winning big on the games you play, whether it’s cards, rolling the dice, slot machines, bingo, playing the numbers or lottery.

Glass Bottle Size: 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram)


  • What it is

    Each oil uses herbs and roots, known in ancient scriptures, for their power to solve your problems! All oils are produced in small batches within our Best Spells Magick by Freya's House temple using precise astrological timings and an elaborate 3 day blessings procedure. Made with natural oil that has been exorcised, along with a special blend of herbs. Each herb is individually charged with a direct intent. Best Spells Magick by Freya’s House oils is very concentrated, which makes them more effective

     The premium line of occult oils "LUCKY GAMBLER" oil has been prayed over and charged with the intention to increase your luck at all comes of chance.  No matter what you play from Bingo, Lottery to rolling the dice, your winning percentage will increase dramatically.  For those who play lotto, helps you envision the winning numbers.  Use on green candles and to dress your talismans.  Before playing, runs this into the palms of your hands.  
  • How to Use

    Anoint your palms and money before buying your tickets, and anoint your tickets after you’ve bought them:  lottery tickets, racing selections, bingo cards, etc., with this potent gambling oil. Use on green candles and to dress your talismans.  The oil can be anointed on the palms of your hands, added to your bath water, used to anoint candles or sprinkle around the home. Use 1- 2 drops for body application and 2-3 drops to anoint candle, voodoo doll. The possibilities are unlimited.  
    Perfect for people who like to play games of chance for a little extra cash, but remember, once you win big walk away!
    Any magick requires a clear mind, clear intention, and directed emotion. If you can’t calm your mind, you won’t be able to focus it. Your thoughts will be scattered and your results will be weak, even with the simplest of spells. Meditation will help you reach a trance state, which is necessary for casting. Meditation is necessary.
  • Important:

    Remember, always use oils with visualization and with power. Most often, they're rubbed onto candles which are then burned in ritual. The magical goal determines the type of oil and the color of the candle used. The oil's powers mix with that of the color and the candle flame. All these energies are further boosted by the magician's personal power and are sped toward the magical goal through visualization.
  • Please Note:

    Please Note: Bottle Shape and Label Color May Vary According To Availability . Due to the natural ingredients of Freya’s House oil, the color will vary.



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