Lucky Hand Root


LUCKY HAND ROOT, also known as HELPING HAND or SALEP ROOT, has been used by many people for the purpose of Drawing LUCK at Gambling and Games of Chance. Certain Hoodoos claim that persons who carry a whole LUCKY HAND ROOT and a pinch of Five Finger Grass concealed in a red flannel bag will never be long without money and that they will always be extremely LUCKY at Cards, Bingo, Slot Machines, and other games where the HANDS must be nimble in order to Bring in the Winnings. However, although we know many people who are well pleased with carrying a whole LUCKY HAND ROOT on their persons and attribute many marvelous and LUCKY properties to it, we make no representations as to its efficacy and sell as a genuine Curio only.

Use for gambling luck. Carry in a green flannel bag when gambling to on those lucky numbers and winnings. Anoint with our Lucky Gambler oil.
Priced per 1 root. Sizes will vary as this is a naturally grown product.

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