Mullein Leave - Lucifer’s Torch, Ritual Herb

Mullein Leave - Lucifer’s Torch, Ritual Herb


Magickal uses of Mullein include protection from nightmares & sorcery, courage, protection, health, love, divination, exorcism cursing and invoking spirits.  

Wt. 0.25 oz.

  • What it is


    1. Gender is Feminine. 
    2. uses are courage,protection,health,love,divination,exorcism 
    3. Planet: Saturn  
    4. Element:Fire  
    5. Diety:Jupiter 

    Whereas a spell calls for graveyard dirt and you are not able to procure dirt from a graveyard by any reason, you can grind and powder Mullein as an excellent substitute. Despite the many folk names for Mullein, it is, in magick, known as Hecate’s Torch or Lucifer’s Torch, as well; it is representational of the Crossroads. Can be used for encouragement of manifestations of spirits, to see into Otherworld, and likewise commune with those who dwell there. If you like to create your own candles for your spell work, you could truly enhance riding the hedge by creating a candle using either a stalk or the leaf of Mullein as the wick.

    Mullein can also be used for prophetic dreaming, and astral travel whilst asleep. To aid divination by tarot, runes, ogham, or pendulum use loose incense with Mullein.

    Mullein is also useful in preventing nightmares and always protective of the dreamer. Make a sachet of Mullein and Lavender, and place under pillow for such purpose. 

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