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Ogun Macuto Santeria Amulet/Orishas Amulet

Ogun Macuto Santeria Amulet/Orishas Amulet


 OGUN Amulet: (Green & Black) Ogun is known as a powerful, fearless warrior who defends, and fights against injustice. He works with and invents tools, weaponry and technology with innovation. Considered the father of civilization on earth. He also represents labour, hard work, inventiveness and the fierceness of a warrior.

Ogun Beaded Amulet - With the colors green and black representing him, this beaded amulet brings Ogun into your ritual and prayer. Ogun is the patron loa of metals and all working people, as well as the overseer of policemen, soldiers and doctors, and in this you can find strength throughout your daily life.

This Ogun Beaded Amulet is hand beaded and perfect for keeping on your altar, or carrying in your pocket, mojo hand, or medicine bag. Each Ogun Beaded Amulet is carefully consecrated according to proper Voodoo protocol, anointed with ritual oils, and ritually prepared to honor the patron loa of metals, working people, policemen, soldiers and doctors.

Carry this amulet with you for blessings and protection and keep it in its special handcrafted magickal box of consecrated herbs on your altar where it will be fed when you are not using it. Carry with you when you are looking for work or to help keep the job you have secure. Powerful amulets are seen throughout Yoruba religions (approximately 1 1/2" long).


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