Old Witch Secret MONEY & PROSPERITY Spell Bottle

Old Witch Secret MONEY & PROSPERITY Spell Bottle


Old With Secret Money & Prosperity Spell Bottle is created specifically to help financial issues. Not just to increase the flow of money TO YOU, but also to stop the flow of money AWAY from you.

Within each spell bottle are herbs, resins and/or roots to work your spell for financial stability. A small charm is included that is associated with luck and happiness. To give power and strength to your spell bottle, add a personal item inside the bottle along with the roots and herbs. Our bottle tops is not sealed, and can be open for inserting nail clippings, hair and other personal items for personal magic. 

You may use an anointing oil to anoint your bottle, but it is not necessary. You may want to burn a candle during your spell and meditation time. We have created each bottle for your MONEY & PROSPERITY Spell; add your personal item, charge it and allow the magick to begin!


Included with your purchase are the spell bottle, charm, parchment paper, and instructions. Bottle measures approximately 1 1/2 x 3/4 inches. Bottle Spell may vary from photo as each is individually and personally made.