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MONEY & PROSPERITY Manifestation Jar Ritual Kit

MONEY & PROSPERITY Manifestation Jar Ritual Kit


Old With Secret Money & Prosperity Spell Bottle is created specifically to help with financial issues. Not just to increase the flow of money TO YOU, but also to stop the flow of money AWAY from you.


Within each spell, herbs, resins, and/or roots are used to work your spell. A small charm is included that is associated with luck and success. To give power and strength to your spell bottle, add a personal item inside the bottle along with the roots and herbs. Our bottle tops are not sealed and can be open for inserting nail clippings, hair, and other personal items for personal magic. Charge it and allow the magick to begin! The wishing hoodoo rootwork bottle spell was made and charged with good intentions and good vibes. It is handcrafted in old magickal tradition mixture of organic herbs and dried flowers and infused with crystals to manifest your desires. We have carefully crafted your Wishing Bottle with love and intention to provide you with the most incredible energy possible to manifest your magic.

You will Get:

Magickal Wish Bottle filled with herbal mixture with an extensive range of magickal properties•

Mini Scroll to write your wish

Lucky Charm

Resealable Cork


Please Note Bottle Shape and Label Color May Vary According To Availability. Additionally, every bottle is handcrafted and slightly different from the other. The bottle measures approximately 1 1/2 x 3/4 inches. Bottle Spell may vary from photo as each is individually and personally made.


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