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Oshun Authentic Loose Incense

Orisha of rivers & streams. Call on her for sensuality, internal & external beauty, seduction & attraction, unconditional love, marriage, fertility & maternity, reproductive issues, healing, wealth. Her symbol is the mirror, her colors gold and yellow. Her number is 5. She love honey and beautiful things. This rustic, sensual and totally natural incense is wild-crafted just for you, using only materials found in nature. Burn on charcoal as is, or grind it down in your mortar & pestle. Either way you will be enchanted & perhaps reminded of a life in ancient times. Burn on charcoal.
Empower your magick and improve all of your rituals and spells of your own workings or use these blends cast upon by Dr. Donna Star as the spell itself.
Each blend has been handcrafted specifically with herbs that lend power to intent of the magick.
Wt.1.0 oz.
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