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PEACE WATER Special Blessed

PEACE WATER Special Blessed


Old-time Root Doctors have claimed that sprinkling PEACE WATER around the corners of the home for attraction of peace and serenity, and ensure that only kind people and good spirits may enter.

Wt. 1.0 fl.oz.

  • How to Use

    Peace Water is a wonderful hoodoo product that originated, as an antidote to the more commonly-mentioned War Water. It is a tool for laying tricks against enemies by means of benevolent foot track magic, causing those who step in it to treat each other respectfully and with kindliness, and preventing hostile people or evil spirits from entering the premises. Thus, it is not only used for protection, but also to work on the minds of those who come into contact with it, rendering them gentle and mild in temper.

    It be sprinkled around and about the home for attraction of peace and serenity.

    To use Peace Water, you shake up the bottle, then, walking backward, you sprinkle drops of Peace Water at the four outside corners of the house or in the four corners of each room. For a really strong job, you can circle the house, sprinkling as you go, or sprinkle on the four corners of a larger piece of property.

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