PROTECTION Organic Gel Spell Booster Spiritual Bath & Body Wash

PROTECTION Organic Gel Spell Booster Spiritual Bath & Body Wash



These ritual protective Organic Spell Protection Booster shower or bath organic gel are a strong. Best Spells Magick Protection Spell Booster Bath Gel  are infused with powerful magical ingredients and energy.  Imagine a protective energy surrounding you, much like a psychic armor, keeping harm from you. Thise protective bath is charged with key energies which strengthen the magical power surrounding you and adding protection against hexes. Simply add thise protective bath gel to your warm bath water or use like body washing bath in the shower.    

Once you have used up your spell items sent to you to release your spell you will want to keep the protective power of your already cast spells going much longer. Never be without your Spell Booster Bath Gel, to keep your spell as active as possible.

Bottle 1.0 fl.oz.

  • Organic Ingredients

    Panthenol, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Rise Protein, Burdock, Ivy, Fenugreek, Essential Oils Infused with Crystals, and Natural Fragrances. Organic or Wild Crafted 

    No dangerous additives or substances. A crafted blend of 100% pure plant-derived oils. 

    No Parabens          No Mineral Oil           No Sulfates      No Phihalates      No Sinthetic Color       No Gluten               No PABA               No Animal Ingredians         No Propylene Glycol         No DEA ​​​​​​​