Reverse Double Action Money Prayer Candle

Reverse Double Action Money Prayer Candle

If someone or something is working against your prosperity, turn it around with Reverse Double Action Money 2 color 7 Day Prayer Green/Black Candle  
Also Burn our 7 Day Double Action Money candle to ask for money that is owed to you be returned.
The candles are a complete spell that you use as a tool to help manifest your intention.

Our custom 7-Day Prayer Candles are one of the most popular things we make. They are 7-day pillar candles in a glass jar, with appropriate symbols, oils, botanical, incense and more. One of our most beloved products.

We carve them with magical symbols and your name and astrological sign, anoint them with appropriate oil. Each candle is dressed in authentic botanical blend, and we place a small offering of honey, glitter, iron filings and incense into the candle. This root work done the old fashioned way - you can even see the herbs and powder sprinkled on the top!

Please include the name(s) and astrological signs of the person each candle is for, as well as any specifics about the situation, in the comments section of your order.

  • Details

    2 1/2" Wide and 8 1/4" Tall (This candle will burn approximately 140 hours) 100% Paraffin Wax

    Best Spells Magick Custom 7 Day Prayer Candle Instruction

    Depending on which occult path you follow, one can perform spells, rituals or simply meditate with their personalized spell candle. Or for the novices and the curious, a few tips of the witch trade… We suggest beginning your candle ritual by taking a salted cleansing bath, then reflecting on your intention. You may write a letter, perform an invocation, and talk to yourself, whatever gets you completely focused on the desired outcome. The practice of magic is, essentially, the outcome of faith coupled with actions and focus. Then light your candle, make your wish! You can leave your candle burning straight through until it extinguishes, approximately 5-7 days. We do suggest leaving the candle in a sink, shower or a bowl, bucket of water for fire safety. Or you can light it whenever you’re at home; just remember to re-focus your intention every time you relight it. Good luck and blessings with your candle!