Special #20 Magickal Oil

Special #20 Triple Strength oil makes one courageous. Overcomes effects of the most powerful hexes. Use to uncross.

Bottle size: 1 dram bottles blended by hand in Freya’s House.
Due to the natural ingredients of Freya’s House oil, the color will vary.
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    Freya's House co. magickal oils are made of a blend of 50% Organic Almond, Olive, or Apricot base oils and the 50% Organic Essential oils needed for the specific ritual. It is held in common by Magicians that the larger number of oils used, the stronger the effects of the ritual. There is a tremendous amount of lore regarding the use of Freya's House co. magickal oils with different color candles, Mojo bags, amulets; but generally, cautious personal experimentation is best.
    To further strengthen the fragrances of the oils used, they may be put on your skin or in your bath.
    The key to success in Oil Magick is practice, experimentation and the exercising on one's will to a specifically desired end.
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