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Get your supervisor or manager to stay off your back and favor you with “Stay Off My Back” Mojo Bag. The Stay Off My Back Mojo Bag includes commanding and dominating herbs, like tobacco and high john the conqueror to make your boss or any other person favor your side of any dispute at work. “Stay Off My Back” Mojo Bag is perfect for getting your boss to leave you in peace while you work, and to back you up if it ever comes down to it. This Mojo works best with a focused intent upon a single specific target that you should name in your petition. With Stay Off My Back Mojo Bag on you, your boss will defend you against any allegations and support your ideas and efforts at work. Carry  Stay Off My Back Mojo Bag to make your job a more pleasant place to work.


  • Comes assembled with powerful hoodoo curios, roots and herbs for special magical purpose.
  • Comes with 1.0 dram Mojo Oil
  •  Features soft comforting nice fabric
  • 2 x 2 ½ inches size perfect for carrying in pocket, hand, purse or hide in drawer.
  •  Features open top for inserting nail clippings, hair and other personal items for personal magic.
  • Full Instructions how to care and feed your Mojo Bag to get it working most effectively for you. Charge it and allow the magick to begin!

      Your Mojo Bag may vary from photo as each is individually and personally made. 


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