TARANTULA Triple Strength Oil

TARANTULA Triple Strength Oil


Unique oil recipe made from real tarantula powder. The oil is used like a standard occult oil, except that it has properties which allow it to be used for good or evil purposes. Prior to use this oil, you need to program the oil for its purpose. Be plane yet specific with your desire, ONE desire per oil use!

TARANTULA oil is powerful oil used in spells of domination and protection. Also recommended for love spells, where domination over special person is needed. Sprinkle over the name or picture of an individual to dominate or to cause the problem.
Caution:     "TARANTULA" oil is NOT body anointing oil, but only for anointing magickal instruments: 
                            voodoo dolls, candles, parchment paper, etc.,etc.

Glass Bottle Size: 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram)

Bottle Size: 2.0 dram