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URANIA (Siete Machos) Spiritual Cologne

URANIA (Siete Machos) Spiritual Cologne


 The Urania (Siete Machos) Cologne is used as an all-purpose after-shower splash.

Men wear the Siete Machos Cologne to make them more manly, to help win in love affairs, and to attract the women of their desires. Wear to get the woman you want, the love you want, and the sexual relationship you want. Crafted from various flowers and natural extracts, the Siete Machos Divine Aroma is used for Spiritual and Emotional help and guidance. It is also used to block, send back and reverse negative energy (bad luck/evil) and attract love. It helps to achieve goals, abundance (prosperity/good luck), and strength (power). The scent is a light musk and very pleasant. These are powerful products designed to help you find success and good luck & fulfill all your desires.

Wt. 1.0 fl. oz.

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