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WINNER / VENCEDOR Herb Aromatic Bath Gambling, Good Luck, Wealth

WINNER / VENCEDOR Herb Aromatic Bath Gambling, Good Luck, Wealth


Hoodoo herb baths are a dependable way to cleanse the body and spirit, invite in positive influences and change your luck for the better.

What you will get:

 package with Herbal Bath 

Instruction "How to take Spiritual Aromatic Bath". 

  • What it is

    Our "Winner Herb Aromatic Bath" is the perfect remedy for those who may be seeking a greater level of financial abundance, luck in gambling, material wealth, or financial security. Art of the root's money and luck drawing wash can be used in money drawing or luck rituals such as a spiritual bath or a simple floor wash. It's perfect to use for anything related to money matters such as decreasing debts, getting new loans, generating new customers, getting a pay raise or even getting a job promotion or pay raise. It's also a great blend for those who simply need more money in their pockets.

  • How to Use

    "Winner Herb Aromatic Bath" Uses:

    1. To draw luck, wealth and love
    2. Draw money from expected and unexpected sources
    3. Draw customers into your business
    4. ·         Get paid on a debt that's owed to you
    5. ·         Draw prosperity
    6. ·         Increase luck with gambling and games of chance
    7. ·         Improve your chances in dice, cards or lottery
    8. ·         Draw good luck with bingo or other numbers games
  • Spell Ideas

    Brew up a bowl of "Winner Herb Aromatic Bath", let it cool and pour it into a plastic bottle. Take it to the casino and use it to wash your hands before you go inside and play. Just remember to not touch anyone nor shake their hands so that the luck stays on you. You can also take a "Winner Herb Aromatic Bath" before you buy lottery tickets, play dice, or bingo so that you radiate good luck. Empty a packet of "Winner Herb Aromatic Bath" dried herbs into a dish and place a Large Lodestone dressed in Money Drawing Oil on top. Use this as a small luck altar and place to draw prosperity into your home or business

  • Important:

    These herb blends can be used as a magical bath or even as a floor wash to "bathe your home". 

    Herbs for this spiritual aromatic bath have been carefully selected. Best Spells Magick creates hand-blended herbal baths using the finest dried herbs and roots for maximum magical effect. This special formulation was handcrafted by Official Witch of New York Dr. Donna. Please handle  with care as once these herbs are mixed and charged, the power within it awakes & becomes charged with energy. This is gift of nature.

    You can rest assured that you're using the best and most powerful magical tools because Freya’s House Co. herb baths are made entirely with real dried herbs and essential oils, not colored salts or synthetic perfumes.

    Please do not ingest as a tea.
    If you are pregnant or nursing please consult a healthcare professional. 
    If rash or irritation occurs discontinue use.

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