Wishing Crystal Treasure  Ritual Candle

Wishing Crystal Treasure  Ritual Candle

Burn this Cristal Treasuer candl for Love, Good Luck, New Beginings, Money, Success.

This Wishing Crystal Treasure Ritual Candle is made and spiritually charged

 for the granting of wishes. You will receive one (1) spell candle. Candle measure 6,5" toll.

Handcrafted in Canada by Candlemaker Co. Candle contains crystals or amulet inside.

  • What it is

    This Wishing Crystal Treasure  Ritual Candle is made and spiritually charged for the granting of wishes.

    Spiritual cleansed and charged by witches in Freya's House Houston Store.

    Each candle contains crystals or talisman inside. You will keep it as Wishing Amulet. This powerful spell candle comes with instructions. The instructions include how to perform your wishing ritual, what day to burn it & what should be done with the remaining wax and treasures.


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