WITCH GRASS (Dog Grass) Herb

WITCH GRASS (Dog Grass) Herb

Used as incense in medieval Northern Europe, Dog Grass Root also called: Couch Grass, Kusha, Witch, and Quack grass. Has been known as far as India centuries ago for many uses. In Hoodoo: draw or break up lovers, afflict or remedy friend or foe.

POWERS: Happiness, Love, Lust, Exorcism


Dog (Witch) Grass carried or sprinkled under the bed attracts new love. Can be used in uncrossing rituals, and when worn it dispels depression.

  • How to Use

    Can be added to talismans, amulets and poppets.

    Candle Magic – place some Witch Grass around the base of the candle during your ritual.

    Place inside a Gris-Gris bag to increase its power.

    Witch Grass increases the power of any spell but it does not determine the nature of the spell.

    If you are doing a protection spells, it increases the power of the protection spell.  If you’re doing a binding spell, it increases the power of the binding. Likewise, if you are hexing someone, it increases the power of the hex.

    Sprinkle the dry herb or make a herbal infusion of Witch grass about the home for un-hexing and to send negative energy back to the originator.

    An infusion of this herb can also be used to be consumed to dispel depression and bring a more positive outlook.

    Placed under a pillow of the beloved, Witch grass brings new love and closeness to a relationship. Can be added to talismans, gris-gris, amulets and poppets.

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