YEMAYA Triple Strength Spiritual Oil

YEMAYA Triple Strength Spiritual Oil


Yemaya is the goddess of the sea waters and a symbol of maternity. Use this oil in the rituals for good luck, children protection and fertility.

Bottle Size: 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram vial)

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    Use these Authentic Voodoo Ritual Oils in any personal, ceremonial, spiritual and magical spell rituals you create. These ritual oils are hand-crafted and hand-blended exclusively for Freya’s House by a renowned alchemist and initiated Voodoo practitioners based upon ancient methods, formulary and recipes used exclusively in our Voodoo Spells, Magickal Spells & Rituals, Authentic Voodoo Dolls or Magical Fetishes!

    All of our rituals oils are blessed and consecrated to insure success with your spiritual work.
    Since we only use the finest ingredients and hand-craft every element in our Ritual Oils, you will find them to be highly concentrated, very potent and powerful; very little goes a long way in your magical rituals.
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    Bottle Size: 1 dram

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