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Orisha YEMAYA (Virgin Regla) Spiritual Water

Orisha YEMAYA (Virgin Regla) Spiritual Water


Orisha Yemaya is the goddess of the sea waters and a symbol of maternity. Use this water in the rituals for good luck, children's protection, and fertility.

Yemaya spiritual blessed water is for devotional use for all water deities. The Santeria goddess Yemaya is a water goddess and is also known as the Virgin Regla. Water is the great psychic conductor. Many psychics can see the future with a bowl of water than a crystal ball. This water is for opening up your psychic intuition and will help you tap into a similar process, especially if you gravitate toward this aspect of Great Mother. It also can be used in the spiritual bath for protection. Many, many uses!

Each bottle contains approx. 1.0 fl. oz. 

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