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Do You Have To Be a Certain Religion To Practice Real Magick

Spell-casting and other forms of magical work, such as divination or augury, spirit communications, astral travel, and the like are found in virtually every culture and in virtually every religious group. No one religion can claim them. You could ALSO be an atheist and a mage.

However, if you are following in the traditions of a specific cultural group in which folk magic and folk religion are intertwined, it is in your best interests to accept the religious premises embedded in the religio-magical system that you are studying or practicing.

That is, if you are studying Hindu magic, which is closely entwined with Hindu religion, you should familiarize yourself with the Hindu pantheon of deities and be prepared to offer puja to those deities. Likewise, if you are studying Mexcan Catholic curandismo (curing magic) or brujeria (witchcraft magic), you will need to also understand the historical and regional befiefs of Mexican Native Americans as well as the centuries of overlaid Catholic veneration of saints that is important to Mexican folk magic.

Can a god be a lucky figure? Can a saint bring luck? The answers to these questions is often "Yes," and i have written a separate page on "Deity Luck" for those with a further interest in the topic.

In addition, the relationship between Lucky, Magic, Protection, and Religion is a complex one that each culture teaches according to its own traditions, and, to a certain extent, each practitioner or observer, must settle for him or her self. Again, i have written a separate page on the subject of "luck" in religious magic for those who want to explore the issue in depth.

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