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Welcome to Freya’s House co. web store,

We are so excited that you have made the choice to seek help by Mystic Forces. It truly excites us to be able to help people like you better themselves, and provide them with insight through the use of magick. Best Magick Spells products are 100% safe and effective in helping any issues.  We go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that every last client receives the results that they are looking for

Freya’s House Co. started in Brooklyn NY 1995. The founder, Dr.Donna Star is a renowned Spiritual Psychologist, who specializes in Metaphysics, Astrology, Tarot Carts, Palmistry, and Alternative Medicine. In 1968 she was granted to become Official Witch of New York. In the past 18 years, she has been deemed one of the top 10 psychics and spiritual practitioner in the United States.

Dr.Donna Star obtained a PhD in Metaphysics from the University of Los Angeles. She is also an Ordained Minister and has practiced her craft for more than 25 years in New York Citi. She has been featured in New York’s Daily News, New York Times and The Houston Chronicle for her varied services and expertise in Metaphysical Science. She has also been a regular guest on several radio and televised talk shows in New York.  

Dr. Donna Star is conjure doctor, and spiritual medium. She offers root work services to clients, including setting of lights (candle work), making mojo bags, spiritual cleansings and uncrossing’s, love spells, protective magic, magic against your enemies, and more. Her approach continues to be based around using divination to prescribe the best course of action to address your problem, and giving you practical solutions to get what you want.               

All our magickal items and spells kits collections are all handmade and charged using only the finest and wild crafted herbs, flowers, woods and essential oils, created out of love for the earth, nature and the elements. Each formulation, a proprietary blending of ingredients from Dr.Donna Star personal grimoire.  

  Our spells will help to control the forces within herself or himself, thus making it possible to live wisely and well, in harmony with nature, possess incredible powers and fulfill your dreams. 

Our spells collection is a result of many years work on devising our own simple magick rites. They all been tried and tested by our self and others too. This spells designed for both the advanced and novice magician. If one knows nothing about magick, we can assure you that our rituals will not confuse nor dishearten you.

And please don’t worry if at present you feel that you do not possess “magickal” powers, for you do, we all do and through the simple rituals given in our collection, these powers will certainly be invoked. Simply Think of what it is you desire and your invisible powers will see to it that they are brought to fruition, and this is no gimmick, as you will find out for yourself once you begin applying our techniques to your lives.


We can’t wait to begin this new journey with you!   

Magickal Blessings, Peace and Love to all ~

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