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Ritual baths enjoy a long history in both the religious and occult/pagan traditions of the world. From the dipping in water to symbolize rebirth in Christianity, to the cleansing baths of Hoodoo.  Ritual Baths are associated with the element of Water and help cleanse us and restore our balance and harmony with the natural world before we set out to use our will and intent in our rites, rituals, and ceremonies. The powerful effects of ritual bathing are well known and undeniable, for its effects can, quite literally, be felt immediately.


As with everything at Best Spells Magick - these powerful Voodoo Bath Washes are hand-blended, using only the finest roots, herbs, bath crystals and oils - then blessed and consecrated during rituals to insure successful results! All Natural with certified organic ingredients, 100% vegan, no gluten, completely free of damaging toxins and skin-irritating chemicals.


You will find Best Spells Magick Ritual Bath Washes relaxing, calming, soothing, rejuvenating, healing and luxurious while bringing the desired magical qualities into your life.

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