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                                                                                    Return & Refund Policy


We truly want you thrilled with your handcrafted spiritual products from Freya’s House co. however, due to the nature of our handcrafted, organic, perishable and ritualized products, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on any product with the exception of unopened, returned as non-delivery status per the USPS (Postal Service) ONLY, should your address be invalid or you made an address error when placing the order.   In which case, you will receive a partial store credit only upon intact receipt of the returned items, less shipping and handling fees and a 25% restocking fee on the items valid for up to 60 days upon receipt of the items!  Please make sure you leave a valid address or respond to the delivery notifications left on your door provided by USPS or Local Post Office, or you will only receive a partial store credit. The package returned to us by the shipper directly (not client) must be unopened and unhampered to receive a partial store credit; if it arrives opened, tampered or altered in anyway, it will be documented and shipped back to you.

Credit card, PayPal or Cash refunds are not available for any product after delivery or that have left the store, opened, used or altered in anyway. We will not accept any returned shipments if you changed your mind, decided in a few weeks you don't want the handcrafted item(s), or decided you don't want to use the item(s) after all or any other reason; your items cannot be returned to the store, nor refunded. In part, we have no way of verifying what you have done to our precious oils or our products once they have left our possession and per certain Federal sanitary guidelines, they are not allowed to be re-stocked, therefore, please choose your products carefully as they cannot be exchanged, returned, refunded or revised in any way.

Although extremely rare, in the event the wrong product was shipped to you in error, please notify us within 72 business hours upon receipt and ship back to us with delivery confirmation to the Freya’s House co. TX for a full exchange, providing it returns to us unopened and unaltered.  If it arrives opened and the contents tampered with, we will photograph your items and email you the image to explain why this cannot be accepted.  If indeed everything is unhampered, we will priority ship your correct product out immediately at our expense plus a little lagniappe for the inconvenience.  Again, customers have 72 business hours (3 business days) to notify us of the error, if we do not receive notification of the shipping error within this time frame we will not honor the exchange. To notify us of the error, you must contact us via email: with your product information, tracking number and delivery date and we will priority ship your correct product out immediately at our expense.

ORDERS WILL NOT BE REVISED ONCE THEY ARE PLACED!  Should you purchase the wrong items after check out and realize you meant something else, i.e., you meant to purchase a Love Scrub Soap but Selected the Money Wash in error, you will have to place a subsequent order for the additional items you want.  We are not allowed to revise orders once you have placed your completed order. NO EXCEPTIONS!  We take extraordinary care in packing each order with plenty of secure shipping supplies (bubble wrap, heavy shipping boxes, peanuts, etc.), rarely has anything ever arrived broken, in the few events this has occurred, it has been the sole responsibility of USPS and their handling of your package, therefore, should anything break during shipping, you MUST FILE A CLAIM with USPS. This means, you will have to take your package to your local USPS or post office for them to examine the damage they caused. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused by USPS and highly recommend you opt to pay the additional amount for insurance, please email to learn how to do this. Once the package leaves our hands and after inspection by USPS for secure shipping guidelines, it is no longer under our control and you must deal with USPS. To learn more about USPS and their local offices, please visit  PLEASE NOTE: All items are shipped at the Buyer's risk, if you are uncomfortable with placing the responsibility of your products in the hands of shipping companies, whom have legal the right to open and look through your package, stop by the retail location to purchase your items.

With regard to psychic reading sessions, there will be no refunds or credits should you fail to arrive or phone in during your scheduled time without providing 24 hours written cancellation to reschedule. To provide your cancellation up to 24 hours before your scheduled time, you must email to notify us of your cancellation and to reschedule your session. We consider all no-shows for scheduled psychic reading appointments as services provided by  Freya’s House co. as agreed upon, since our practitioners are sitting there waiting for you during your scheduled time  as you paid for. If you failed to show, they are still compensated for their time spent waiting for you and your session will not be rescheduled.  If you show up late, your reading will be reduced by the amount of time you were late for the session unless we have proper notification of your situation or anticipated tardiness - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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