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                                                                 MAGICKAL OILS 


Magickal Oils in the conjure tradition are also known as a condition, anointing, ritual, and blessing oils. Our conjure oils use natural essential oils from plants and dried herbs, roots, flowers, and minerals to aid in manifesting your wishes, enhancing your rituals, and deepening your spiritual practice. While working with them, the intention and personal energy you put behind hoodoo oils is the most powerful component of using them for spells. Each blend has a carefully chosen and blessed combination of elements that are supposed to impact the direction of your work.

Authentic Best Spells Magick Ritual are concentrated (triple strength). All formulas are taken from Best Spells Magick Store "Magickal Formulary." These intention-base oils can be worn as a perfume, used to anoint candles, seals, and dolls, added to bath water, and burned in oil- diffusers. 




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