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HOLY THISTLE Holy Biblical Anointing Oil/Evil Eye, Jinx Removing

HOLY THISTLE Holy Biblical Anointing Oil/Evil Eye, Jinx Removing


Called Holy Thistle or Benedict’s Thistle. A common herb in Wicca, Blessed Thistle is useful for uncrossing work and protection against hexes and curses.  Blessed Thistle is also helpful in chasing away the blues and raising the spirits in a room. This anointing oil combines the delicate scent with extra pure olive oil pressed from olives grown in the hills around Jerusalem.


This oil is handcrafted from natural, extra pure olive oil, essential oils, and fresh olive leaves harvested in Jerusalem and Judea. The oil is also infused with crystals and stones with powerful spiritual and emotional benefits.

How To Use: Use the spiritual oils for healing, spells, and candles. These magical oils for spells work as an anointing oil for protection, prayer, and healing. It can be used as a candle dressing, meditation, or spiritual bath oil. Delight your senses, uplift your spirits, or assist your health with our magic oils for spells and rituals. They are believed to anoint the body with the energies of that particular oil. Whether it's personal protection, relationship, home, or family protection, spiritual cleansing oils are believed to serve many purposes.

Use the spiritual oils for candles and spells, anointing your body or charms, dressing your candles, blessing your home, as a ritual bath oil, and for many other purposes.



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