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                                                              How to Cast a Spell Part 1 - Instructions & Information

                                                                        Simple Instructions & Useful Info on Spell-Craft and Magick

                                                                 Do NOT contact us for help with products you didn't buy from us!

You needn't be a witch to do magick. Anyone can perform their own effective magick spell. It is not difficult. You need only a strong desire for your outcome, the materials to perform the spell, the time and place free of distractions. 
Spells are simply the art and metaphysical science of manifesting your desired goal through the use of your will and physical items that embody spiritual energies compatible with your goal. There are many ways to do a Spell to achieve a desired goal. I am listing here the simple & effective type of spells which we use in our store for, solely for customer instruction & information. 

When should you do a spell? 
When you have a need and desire for a specific outcome or goal. It is important to set a clear goal before you attempt the spell. If your intention is vague, you will likely get a vague result. 
If the need is urgent, then do your spell right away.

What day of the week should I do it?
As I have mentioned, if the need is urgent, then do your spell right away. It will not make your spell fail if you don't pick the best day. Spells tend to manifest faster when you pick a good day. Ideally, if you have the time to plan ahead you should choose the best day. 
Sunday is ruled by the Sun. Do spells concerning success, victory, advancement, leadership, personal power, health, healing, friendship, joy & happiness. Business ventures, partnerships and promotions. 
Monday is ruled by the Moon. Do spells concerning domestic matters, fertility & childbirth, feminine cycles, emotional healing, intuition, divination, prophecy, psychic ability, digging into the subconscious, medicine and gardening, prosperity & manifestation (full Moon).
Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Do spells concerning war, battle, conflict, defense, competition, lust. Physical endurance, sports, hunting, politics.
Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Do spells concerning intellect, mental agility, memory, creativity, writing, speaking, commerce especially e-commerce, communication (verbal, written, contractual, technological), travel.
Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Do spells concerning business success, legal victory, general victory, expansion, wealth, power, honor, politics, financial gain, awards.
Friday is ruled by Venus. Do spells concerning love, attraction, sensuality, beauty, friendship, the arts, music, scents, pleasure, luxury, healing heart ache.
Saturday is ruled by Saturn. Do spells for binding, protection form slander, spells for karmic issues, reincarnation, long term projects, endings and death. 

Should I pay attention to the Moon Phases?
If the need is urgent, do your spell right away. It isn't 'bad' to do a spell during the less appropriate moon phase, it may work more quickly, though, when you do. Doing a spell to attract what you want is best done during the waxing moon phase, when the moons size is increasing. Spells to banish, release, let go of things, are best done during a waning moon phase. This is when the moon is decreasing in size. Waxing for drawing, waning for releasing.

Full Moon spells vs. Dark & New Moon spells 
Full moons are when the moon is totally full, it's a time of strong 'power' and energy. Doing a spell on a full moon lends great power to manifesting it. Full moons are appropriate for doing spells to manifest your desire and to worship the Goddess. Full moons are good for prosperity & fertility as well.

Dark moons occurs when the moon has not a sliver of light showing, a totally dark moon. Some people consider this the 'New' moon, while some consider the first sliver of light just after the dark moon the 'new' moon. New or Dark moons are a time for new beginnings, finishing or starting a new cycle, healing, starting to attract or draw things to you. 
Waxing vs. Waning Moon
This refers to the period between Dark & Full moons. Waxing is when the moon is increasing in size. This period is used for attracting your desire. Waning is when it's decreasing in size. This period is for releasing or banishing what you don't desire.  
Deosil or Widdershins?
Deosil means 'clock wise' movement, Widdershins is 'counter clock wise'. Generally, when you are creating a sacred space for ritual or magickal work, you cast a circle 'deosil' going with the natural flow of energy. 
How do I focus my will during my spell?
Firstly, you should omit any distractions like television, phone, etc. Prepare in advance any items you will need to use for your particular working, and have them handy. You should be dressed comfortably, not hungry, too full or thirsty. Then, energetically cleanse the space and yourself using cleansing incense, sage, body washes, sea salt or bath salts. You may need to clean up your working space if you find that clutter makes it difficult to concentrate. Then, cast a circle. This contains your energy & focus, and keeps away outside influences. Breathe deeply a few times to center and ground yourself. You may want to intone with your voice to help center yourself. Light some incense to get you in the mind frame of your goal, then proceed with the spell or ritual you have planned out.  
Should I cast a Circle? 
Casting a circle not only protects you from outside negative influences or energies, it contains the energy you are building during your ritual or spell. There are many ways to cast a circle. Some easy examples follow; Cast your circle 'deosil' by walking clockwise, and visualizing a purple flame, or point your wand, athame or finger. Once you've finished you’re working and release the energy, you can then go 'widdershins', or counter clockwise to erase the circle. 
Ethics, Black, Gray & White Magick
Ah, ethics. Opinions vary greatly on this topic. It's never a good idea to do spells that are meant to harm another person. To do so, you may incur some 'bad' karma. Bad karma aside, it's just not a nice thing to do. Black magick are spells that are intended to harm or manipulate another. White spells are meant to help whomever the spell is done for, including yourself. Gray magick is trickier. There really isn't such a thing as gray magick. I'm referring to ’gray’ areas in white magick. Usually unintentional. This can occur when you do a spell for someone without their permission, however well-meaning. Love spells are a good example of this. People often want to do them to attract a specific person. I recommend making a list of all the attributes you desire in a partner. Worded in a positive way, such as 'financially stable', not 'no jobless losers' or 'healthy of body & mind', not 'no alcoholics'. Now, when you are doing the love spell and have someone in mind, set your intention to 'I’d like someone with these listed attributes and many more positive ones, and if it turns out to be the one I have in mind, great, if not, I'm open to the better option'.  
Choose what kind of spell you want to do and the type of materials
First, choose your purpose, new love, employment, house blessing, etc. 
Then choose your materials. Candles, charm bags a.k.a. conjure bags, mojo bags and gris- gris bag. Work out how and when you will do it beforehand. Or, just buy prepared spell kit.
Candle Colors
Black- Banishing, repelling, releasing, protection, binding, uncrossing, reversing, and breaking bad habits, sometimes element of Earth.
Blue- Communication, fidelity, wisdom, truth, healing, peace, calm, home protection, planet Venus, element of Water.
Brown- Influencing friendships, special favors, court cases, autumn equinox, regeneration, grounding, prosperity, earth & nature magick, responsibility.
Green- Healing, money issues, gambling, abundance, fertility, agricultural magick, spring, new beginnings, planet Mercury, mother earth, element of earth.
Orange- Business & career goals, happiness, property deals, ambition, general success, justice, legal matters, selling, road opener, block buster.
Pink- Attracting romantic love, planetary goodwill, friendship, harmony, nurturing & caring, releasing grief, unconditional love.
Purple- Psychic ability, meditation, spiritual power, hidden knowledge, releasing bad habits, self-assurance, confidence, ambition, control, commanding.
Red- Masculine energy, passion, love, lust, speed, courage, element of fire, planet Mars, physical vitality, power, reversing.
White- Full moon magick, spirituality, devotional magick, general prayers, illumination, initiation, pet magick, feminine mysteries, the Goddess, peace, higher self, divinity, a substitute for any other color.
Yellow- Solar gods & goddesses, solar magick, or to represent male gods (use grey or silver for the goddess), or a successful job interview, block removing, intellectual pursuits, memory, learning, happiness, confidence, element of air.

How Do I Break a Curse? 
Uncrossing, Un-jinxing, Exorcism, Banishing, Reversing, Protection, Psychic Protection baths, washes, candles, incense & herbs can be used to clear away hexes. Take a bath or shower with soap, wash or salts, then smudge yourself & home with incense, (sprinkling salt across thresholds & window sills helps too), then light your candle. Work in a counter-clockwise direction where you can. We stock many products. I recommend doing the uncrossing spell for 9 days, or at least three if all the symptoms disappear.  

How to Use Spiritual Oils, Perfume Oil & Ritual oil  

Perfume Oils, Spiritual Oils and Ritual oils or elixirs are used in many works particularly in Witchcraft, Voodoo, Voudou and Hoodoo as practiced in the United States.  Voodoo work as practiced in Haiti or the Dominican Republic may use oils but often fresh herbs are used due to the abundance of vegetation with medicinal and/or spiritual properties.  Further, when ritual oils are used, the most powerful and effective are hand-made oils as opposed to manufactured ones. 

In the United States, most spiritual oils are manufactured although there still are a few companies that make oils by hand, especially Freya’s House, who are renowned for handcrafting all spiritual oils, elixirs and magical items. The finest spiritual oils are made with pure essential oils and sacred herbs. These tend to be a little more expensive than manufactured oils, however, due to the potency; these handcrafted items go quite a long way due to the quality of the ingredients. Manufactured oils seem to have a satisfactory level of effectiveness even though one can never be sure of the actual contents of the bottle.

Spiritual oils can be used in many ways.  Here are but a few examples:

They can be worn as a scent for spiritual purpose, like our Magical Perfume Oils Perfume Oils, Perfumes, Essential Perfume Oils, Perfume Anointing Oils, Spiritual Perfume Oils, Love Potions, Love Spells Perfumes, Magical Perfume Oils, and Perfume Oils exclusively at Freya’s House Authentic “Perfumes Casa De Los Espiritus”.

Perfume Oils, Perfumes, Essential Perfume Oils, Perfume Anointing Oils, Spiritual Perfume Oils, Love Potions, Love Spells Perfumes, Magical Perfume Oils, and Perfume Oils exclusively at Freya’s House Authentic “Perfumes Casa De Los Espiritus”.

They can be wiped onto the person whom one wishes to influence

They can be used to “dress” a candle, like our Ritual Oils

They can be used for Spiritual Cleansing Products like our Ritual Bath Kits

They can be used in cleansing, love drawing or protection spells

They can be used in a work lamp, the bend or influence another

They can be used in conjunction with other magical items to create a focal point for the work

Spiritual oils that are worn as perfume are for very specific purposed. For example, wearing a Come to Me oil or Seduction Oil is intended to attract love or a certain lover. Wearing a Commanding Oil is intended to help the wearer command the person or situation s/he intends. Renew Oil is to calm and heal, Abundance Oil is to draw wealth and prosperity, Road Opening oil is intended to clear up the problems in your path, and so on.

If the spiritual oil and elixirs are already hand-crafted for specific spiritual purpose, please just apply like you would any perfume or fragrance and FOCUS on why you are wearing that spiritual oil to help bring about your desires.

Similarly, one can surreptitiously wipe the oil(s) onto the person one wishes to influence such as with our Flames of Passion or Come to Me Oils. To do this, subtly dab a bit on the person you are trying to influence.

How to Dress and Work with Ritual Candles & Lamp Spells

 Dressing a candle or a “light,” as they are called in New Orleans, is not a complicated matter. If using a jar candle (a.k.a. 7 day Candle), carve the name of the person whom one wishes to influence into the wax, pour the oil(s) on top while making the petition for one’s desire. Simply dressing a candle, however, does not ensure the success of one’s endeavor. The candle (now a focal point) must be “worked,” that is to say that each day one must talk with one’s spirit about the issue.

When working with ritual candles (figure, cat, skull, etc.), ritual oils and ritual powder you must first carve the purpose or name of the person you are trying to influence into the correct ritual candle or place your petition underneath the candle on some natural paper (parchment, fiber paper, etc.) Pour the Ritual Oil on your hands and rub together, then sprinkle the ritual powder on top of the oil on your hands, rub your hands together and pat this mixture on the actual candle each day you go to perform ritual work. This allows for the most powerful and effective results.

Oil lamps are used a good deal in Haitian Vodou, they combine many elements such as spiritual oils, wicks, powders and sacred herbs, etc. They are an excellent tool for focusing the Lwa’s and one’s own energy on one objective. Spiritual oils are used as an ingredient in the lamps to help influence the situation. We can customize Spiritual Work Lamps for any need, simple contact us at with your details.

Here’s a Simple Candle Work to Draw Love

 Get a red or pink candle and carve the name of the person you desire all over the candle. Rub the candle with Come to Me, Love Drawing or any other love oil.

After the candle is well covered with oil, take a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap and spread it out big enough to roll the candle on the paper. Sprinkle the wax paper with love powder, catnip, crushed red rose petals, and bergamot. Roll the candle in the powder and herbs until it is well covered. Make your prayers and light the candle. Pray over the candle each day to ask spirit to help you get the one you love.

Please review the detailed copy for each item in our Magical Ritual Items Section to browse the best candles, spiritual oils and ritual powders for your spiritual needs.


How to Use Magickal Fetishes & Voodoo Dolls

Magical fetishes, Gris-Gris Bags, Voodoo Dolls serve as a focus or nexus with the spirits you are working with to affect the desired changes in your life. Since everything at Freya’s House is already hand-crafted, ritualized and consecrated, most of the spiritual work is completed for you.

 Your role in affecting changes in your life with the use of our magical items centers around your focus, prayers and including the fetish in your daily routine. Please remember, your intent, will, focus and consistency of working with any magical item makes the difference.

It is always important to anoint your magical fetish as soon as you bring it home; you can use the spiritual oils and powders that are included in some of our ritual kits or with your favorite oils or scents. Also, you want to personalize your fetish with your favorite charms, sample of your hair, favorite colors, photo, etc. to connect the spirit to you.

Consistency in using Magical fetishes, Gris-Gris Bags  & Voodoo Dolls is very important as well, you want to use it each day until your petition is granted with prayers, talking to spirit, focusing on the changes you are seeking and meditative time to help facilitate these changes. Place your magical item somewhere special in your home to have access to the spirit anytime you need additional divine intervention.

If you are not very experienced with using Voodoo Ritual Items or creating your own Voodoo Spells or Rituals, it is ALWAYS best to have one of our initiated Practitioners perform your Voodoo Spells or Work Lamps for you while you work with your very own   Spell Kit! We sincerely hope this simple primer on How to Use Spiritual Oils, Voodoo Ritual Oils, Voodoo Ritual Powders & Voodoo Dolls & Magical Fetishes helps you learn more about   Magic!

 Spells, Rituals, & Spell Kit Tips

Although our spell kit manuals, Gris-Gris bag instructions and ritual bath kit instructions are very detailed, we still receive emails from people with more questions so we would like to address them here for your convenience. If you need more time with one of our experienced practitioners to go over the instructions, you must schedule a spiritual consultation time to go over the details of your situation personally as the stores are not able to accommodate such time consuming conversations without an appointment. Please click here to order your spiritual consultation!


First, we DO NOT encourage people using 14 different Spell Kits from different places simultaneously. If you are already working with another practitioner's products, ritual items, spell kits, etc. we really recommend you finish your work and wait for the results. You really do not want to be invoking conflicting Deities, Spirits, Lwa, etc. during your ritual work as this truly DOES NOT BENEFIT YOU. We receive so many calls from people who want to perform our ritual kits, but they are in the middle of someone else's Wiccan, Celtic, Voodoo, etc. ritual kit - which is great, but continue with what you are working with first and then see if you need a different approach. Not everyone's ritual work is going to work for myriad reasons but once engaged, you really need to complete the ritual to the end so you can see which path is working for you.


Please READ all the instructions very carefully before conducting your rituals - read the manuals, instruction cards and web site information twice or three times if you need to - most of your questions are indeed answered in these places. Also, if there is a word you do not recognize for whatever reason, please look it up in the dictionary. For example, do not call the store to ask what a chakra is, you should be able to research this on your own with no problem. Also, please exercise a little common sense and reason in performing your spell kit, do not call the store to confirm the spell kit instructions, they are as simple as possible. If you need personal time to go over the manual, you must schedule a consultation to do so, please click here to order your spiritual consultation!

When performing any Voodoo spell kit, ritual kit, etc., please be in a private environment, relaxed and focused on your ritual tasks. Do not let roommates, lovers, mates, the telephone, email, pager, etc. get in your way of your time with Spirit. Do not tell everyone on the planet you are doing spell work, do not engage in drama with people you are performing the spell work on, do not call, harass, stalk, get into emotional histrionics or arguments with your mate when performing your spell work, etc. Just do your ritual work and please, please, please, exercise some patience too. Do not email the last day of the ritual with questions about what time will this take effect, or anything along those lines, we have no way of knowing when all of your requests, if all are possible, will come to fruition. Please review the "Do Voodoo Rituals Work Section" above for further explanation.


Your ritual work should take about 15-30 minutes per day, each day for the entire time or days of the ritual. Do not skip a day, do not skip a few weeks, etc. conduct your ritual each day until your spell kit or ritual work is complete. If you are forced to skip a day, then you must do 2 rituals the very next day at different times to make up the ritual time you lost.

The time of day isn't so important as long as you are performing your ritual approximately the same time each day. Do you’re very best to allocate this time for the duration of the ritual towards your spell work.

Although the spell kit manuals cover in great detail the offerings for the Lwa, please use your best judgment should certain items not be available when purchasing your offerings. All offerings are available at any grocery store in the US or convenience store, these are not difficult to obtain. Example, if they are out of Coconut Candy, substitute with coconut cookies, coconut pies, etc. Also, leave offerings outside each day if possible, try to bury them under a tree or at a crossroads, if this is not possible, dispose of them respectfully and explain to the spirits the reason you are unable to bury it or leave outside at a crossroads, this way they know it was intended for them regardless of your situation!


If you are unable to purchase alcohol, substitute it with different sodas, the Lwa love Soda and Fizzy drinks too. Same with tobacco, use candies or other treats to show your gratitude.

Your offerings should be well thought out and carefully chosen with your best efforts and sincerity - this is the goal after all, not the specific brand label of the product. What you give, you offer with your heart - your true intentions to sacrifice and thank Spirit are the purpose of the offerings.

Let your candles burn and equal amount of time each day, if need be, make equal distant hash marks in the candles for the amount of days you will need them so you can insure your candles burn the same amount of time each day.

When instructions say "anoint" this means to rub oil on the spell kit candles or pour a few drops of oil or a few pinches of powder each day in your gris-gris bag for the prescribed amount of days.

Please go with spirit or instinct on any other elements you would like to add to your altar or ritual items as you go. If you adding more offerings, placing objects on the altar, bathing before the ritual, etc. is purposeful for you, then do it; this is really between you and spirit.


Perfume, Potions, & Elixirs Questions

All of Freya’s House Magical Perfumes, Love Potions, Exquisite Elixirs & bath products are already handcrafted and ritualized for you, all you need to do is apply to the body like you would any perfume or body spray. I receive many emails from people not sure of how to use them, and I don't include instructions with these product lines as they are Spiritual Body Perfumes and Sprays and you merely wear them to affect these changes in your life.

Spiritual Bath Ritual Questions

All of  Freya’s House  Natural Organic Goat's Milk  Bath  and Spiritual  Bath products are already handcrafted and ritualized for you, all you need to do is wash with them, like you would any  bath gel or salt.  I receive many emails from people not sure of how to use them, and I don't include instructions with the natural bath wash product lines as they are Spiritual Wash and you merely wash with them to affect these changes in your life.


All of Freya’s House Spiritual Ritual Bath Kits are already handcrafted and ritualized for you and arrive with detailed instructions. The most common question I have is about the ritual candle. Occasionally, these candles do not burn down very fast and can actually take much longer to burn than your bath time. This is okay, but PLEASE - DO NOT stay in the bathtub until you are freezing because the candle has not fully burned down a knob - I am surprised at the number of people who do this every day because the instructions say "let the candle burn down while in the bath tub." Yes, it says this but I am also assuming you are going to use a bit of common sense too. When you feel your bath ritual time is over, simply step out of the tub and let the candle continue to burn in an area you can observe (NEVER leave a burning candle unattended) until the candle has fully burned down. This ritual is not to chain you inside a freezing tub once the water cools down, it is to draw spirit to you while performing the ritual. Our new   Bath Ritual Kits now arrive with our famous Goat's Milk Spiritual Salt - while the instructions do not explain how to use the salt, we assume you will know how to wash with the salt or body wash while in the bathtub.   

Do Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, & Rituals Really Work?

Yes! First, this is a religion, one of the world's oldest religions, dating back thousands of years to Africa, specifically, and the west coast of Africa. This is a monotheistic religion, we believe in one supreme creator (Bon Dieu or Gran Maitre) and while God is always present, God is not so involved in your everyday secular trauma, trials and tribulations. In fact, God is perceived as a touch "disconnected" from human strife as God's primary concerns are more on the Cosmic, Karmic, Evolving the Soul and Consciousness areas.

Most of the very life defining experiences you endure are essentially, part of your divine plan, karmically designed to evolve your soul, no matter how bitter or agonizing some of these situations may be. However, God hasn't left you stranded - I promise, God has created amazing Spirits who intervene in very specific areas of human need and these divine messengers and helpers are collectively known as the Lwa, Loas, Orishas, Nkisis, Invisibles or Mysteries along with the divine intervention from all of our ancestors, those we have known and those we have never known, who have come long before us, guiding us throughout our journey here on Earth. It is through the help of these amazing spiritual entities and our beloved ancestors that much can be altered, avoided, enhanced and improved in your life on every level. This is why reverence, honor and representations of these powerful spiritual energies are always displayed in the homes and work places of Voodoo Practitioners.


This of course, is a brief and cursory overview of a very complex, multi-faceted spiritual belief system, but this ancient religion would not have survived thousands years without being empowering. Simply stated, Voodoo absolutely works, not only the magical aspect, but also to keep you connected to spirit, grounded, protected and enlightened. The magical aspect of the religion is very effective in changing a very difficult situation, repairing love relationships, protecting you from ill-will or harmful people, healing you from a past traumas, opening up doors of opportunity in your life, putting you on your correct path, just to name a few out the endless areas the Lwa (Loa) assist you.

Most situations can be changed, altered or greatly improved, providing it does not alter certain karmic lessons you have to learn or endure here on Earth. For an example, in the case of bringing a lover back, if it is your lover's karma to be with someone else who is to provide certain lessons instead of you, then no, the Lwa (Loas) will not interfere or alter that Karmic lesson. Again, this is a very simplistic example on this topic for conceptual purposes only.


Most often, people want to know "when will I get everything I want?" "When will this work?" or variations of questions along those lines. While we are very sympathetic to those in extremely difficult, painful and challenging situations and do understand the anxiety behind their questions, the fact of the matter is: there is no simple, magic bullet to fix everything.

As I'm sure we can all agree, humans are usually their worst enemy and often do not want to make the difficult choices and sacrifices to position their lives in a better or more positive environment. We are not so good at change are we? Time frames for improvement or resolution on any matter hinge greatly on your willingness to recognize your contributions to the problem, your poor choices or poor behavioral habits and, your willingness to move past these impediments. Many of the other issues the Lwa, (Loas) will intervene and help maneuver out of your way or in your favor. Typically, ritual results range between 80-90% success rates, however, they do not just hand you your wish, and (if only it were that easy) you must put a lot of work, energy, focus and gratitude into your request. Often, ritual results can take a great deal of time as well; the Lwa work in their own time frame, however, most see movement in their lives, results and often, a resolution within 20-60 days after completion of the ritual or spiritual work. In my experience, your commitment to your spiritual work, evolution and faith expedites your resolution on any situation.

I’ve Been Cursed or Hexed, What Can I Do?

I often receive emails from people absolutely convinced they are the victim of evil spiritual work, cursing, hexing and this is why nothing works out in their lives. Although, there are cases of highly skilled practitioners who can send very dark, negative and harmful spirits towards you to impede your life, we have found most often, you are your very own "demon". It is much easier to blame the "invisible" versus your poor choices and lack of personal responsibility in the matter.

Rarely, is it a "demon" that makes you spend all of your money and not pay the mortgage until you are homeless, forces you to not find a job even though you desperately need the income, drink excessively, abuse drugs with the grocery money, hurt, harm or abuse your partner until they leave you, then stalk them because you can't understand why they want nothing to do with you, place your desperate need for any mate ahead of your children to the point your innocent children are in danger by this mate and taken away from you, which you cannot understand why, etc. I can name millions of poor choices that led many people to their demise and none of which, were caused by any spiritual entity.

These really are the fault of the humans and their lack of personal responsibility, discipline and awareness of their behavior towards others and we are all guilty of this. I bring these few examples to illustrate how often we are our own worst enemy. To blame spirits for your dangerous choices is just another example of your refusal to accept responsibility in any devastating outcome and usually indicative as to how you live your life - blameless and the victim. For those who perpetually need to be a victim, you will chronically manifest terrible situations to remain the perpetual victim.

I am often emailed by people who are panicked because they are told by "qualified mystics" on psychic hotlines or some carnival they are cursed, hexed or will have extreme bad luck if they do not pay these "spiritual masters" thousands of dollars to lift this curse. First, this psychologically creates the reality of being cursed, second, this gives some people an excuse for their horrible choices, and third, this is oldest scam in the book: terrorize people to bilk them out of their money by planting fears in their psyche.

With that being said, we do recognize negative spiritual energies, hexes, curses and horrible ritual work directed at others to destroy their lives. Now, for those who truly have serious situations of work being done against them, where everything is unraveling, severe illnesses, severe accidents, unforeseen obstacles broad-siding you and causing your life to spiral out of control when there were previous balanced, and are seeking our assistance to resolve your situation, we require the scheduling of a spiritual consultation to determine what forces are at work before recommending any spiritual work or remedies.

Are Love Spells Manipulative?


Continue on Part 2


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